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Lord, my God, I stand before You
Not wanting to live without
The Guidance of Your loving Hand

With all these roads in front of me
I ask You to be near to me
To lead me on the path

Save me from my senses
Come to my defenses
Free me from my selfishness and pride

I will trust Your Hand
And I will trust Your Word
I want no one but You to be my Guide

Lord, My God, I bow before You
Asking to learn how to love and adore Your
Life-giving, beautiful Word

With all these voices telling me
To leave You and start living free
My soul and my heart cry out


Lord, My God, I bring before You
The trials of life that burden me
And bring me to my knees

But with Your hand in mine I rise again
I find the strength to fight my sin
And march Home victoriously

Refrain (2)